Oct. 26, 2019

LONG Overdue...

Greetings in Christ, to all!!!

I just looked at the last Blog page date, and my oh my have I gotten way behind.  It has been a challenging year - personally, and for our Minisirty.   If you are reading this, Thank you for sticking with us.

I use this blog page to share things I am learning, that all contibute to my personal growth and how it directly affects Percussion Praise and how things get done.

As I am saddened by how little I write on this page, I am happy to proclaim I continue to learn NOT to give up on this mission, and God is going to use us to be a part of bringing revival to New England - as He has promised.   One hting i know for sure, is that I canno give up in any sense, regardless of how hard the enemy tries to keep me down.

With that, and with my desire to be obedient to the Lord - I hope to be adding here once again, more frequently and getting new viewers of this very simple website, and add more of you as prayer warriors for us.

Blessings and peace in Christ -  Brother Peter

Dec. 14, 2017

Are you staying "resolved" and Steady in your faith?

Readers, the past several months have proven to be more challenging than ever expecte - yet I remain in my strong desire to keep my faith and my resolve in it even another step stronger.

Having had several major trials in my personal life, over th course of years - this past 4 months specifically have been putting me to the test, pushing me to the limit, and really trying my patience.  And though I am no better than anyone reading this, I have chosen to NOT be shaken thru it all, which in turn has kept me sain and focused on Christ first and foremost in all I do.

On personal aspect that has been an issue, starting in Mid August - I will not comment on yet.  However, the second item - dealing directly with my health, started in early August - and I will refer to this for this blog.  Bear/bare (LOL) with me! :)

On August 10 of this 2017, I was to have Spine surgery.  This was postponed due to my Blood Pressure being 200 plus over 143 during Pre Operation proceedures.  For which I had to go thru a series of testing and checkign in with a Cardiologist for several weeks, before being given the okay to reschedule the surgery I needed.  The issue with my health, from spine damage, was getting worse - and took another turn downward with the delay of the operation I was in need of.  Finally the Surgery was sceduled for October 26 - and we were off and running, having to go thru a second pretesting exam and other inconveniences to get me to have a safe time on the operating table.

Sometimes a head cold is just a head cold and sometimes it is the enemy attacking.  So, I knew with a growing and forward moving ministry, this was an enemy attack that delayed this process in the first place.  And avoiding any and all temptations to curse God, I was in good Spirits and sharing the word of God getting ready for 10/26.  Then, immediately after the surgery some complications set in, and I spent 5 days in the hosptial instead of going home on the second or third morning.

Having things going well the first 14 - 16 days, all of a sudden there was a new problem I had to deal with just before seeing the Doctor for the first followup and removal of stitches.  The Xray revealed one of the pieces of hardward they placed between the discs, had moved/backed out of it's position, and a CAT scan that same afternoon showed it was on the nerve, which was causing the new type of pain and discomfort.  So, we went back into surgery that very Thursday November 16 - exactly 3 weeks to the day from original.  Fortunately, this time around I was home within 24 hours... again, the operation itself was successful.  Let me note here, I felt a huge difference after the completion of the surgery on Oct. 26, and knew my quality of life, walking and my Back were immensely improved.

That said, 12 days later, Nov. 28th - I am in a car accident and the same hardware (a "cage"), to seperate my discs, is knocked out of place again.  On December 5th the surgergeon (who is a blessing, and wonderful) goes over the new Xray and we discusss the need for a third surgery to repair the damage, before too much time goes by.  We are scheduled for December 21st, after the consideration of having it done immediately that week on the 7th.  Sadly, I could not fathom that soon of a third surgery - as much as I know it needs to take place - but I also had been out of work for many weeks (plus the time off I missed in August) really was reaking havoc on my finances.  Yet thru it all I knew God was in conrtol, and would supply for our monitary needs as we went along.  So, with much help lifting, I was blessed to work 2 DJ events and have a bit of income - plus get away from cabin fever for two evenings.

Viewing much Hillsong television, and hearing good messages from the Pastor at the current church I am attending - I found strength thru all of this to stay positive - to Praise the Lord in ALL things.  This can and could only happen thru a God who loves me, and I know he does.  I know His son died and was shamed on the cross for me (and you!) for His love for us in so far beyond what we can fathom.  That does not mean we all cannot realize that this God, this Jesus, is the real deal.   The world may look at me and say it is all mind over matter, or wow is he in denial for all the trash he has been dealt.   Sorry world - and take heart - this is all because of God's work in my life, keeping me strong in His Love, for only real love can come from God and God alone.

Bottom line, dear Brothers and Sisters.  I know many peeople who struggle and have been struggling for years - and my heart bleeds for them.  My heart aches for those who see life as a continueous battle and feel defeated.  Being in Christ does not elminiate the battles - but it makes them easier to win.  To be able to look at a situation, and praise God for putting you thru it - knowing that you are loved by Him.  What He thinks of you is all that counts - not what the world throws at you.  

I will end here, and add more and maybe do some break down(s) of each part of the message I am sharing here.   Having heard a recent sermon on the word "steady" was even more a sign from God that He wants me to help and share with others.  I need to learn to be stronger in that way, as I have found it is easy to witness these truths to strangers, and tough to share with people you have known and loved for a long time.  To which I have to remind myself, that I should be witnessing to the ones I love as much as those who are new in my life.

As always, I pray this made some sense to you the reader.  Please email with questions and comments - feedback is always welcome.

With much love and in Christ,                                          Brother Peter

Sep. 20, 2017

How strong is your resolve?

The word "resolve" has become a staple for me, since an incident in May which compromised several asepcts of my life.  I had to suffer for a time, for doing absolutely nothing but the right thing.  I believe this happens to many who believe in Christ, and to many good people who have yet to claim him as Lord and Savior.

As 2017 has rolled along, I continue to hear good messages from preachers and teachers of The Word - as well as learn much thru the lyrics of songs written by many.  These songs exist inside and outside of a Christian Culture - but have much to teach.

So, today i finally went to the dictionary to confirm I have been using the word correclty in all it's forms - when referring to myself and my growth.

A huge part of my "resolve" in my Faith Walk, and the fact it is getting stronger - is that when I get faced with many challenges, I continue to overcome.  This can only be happening due to the strength the Lord gives me new each day.  I am not better or stronger than anyone else, I just have "resolved" to use the tools He is giving me, to do the righteous things He has laid before me.

One big stumbling block for me, for nine months now, has been my health.  And though I have dealt with many health issues over the years, including specifically the past 4 years in and out of Emergency Rooms, and overnights in the Hospital beds: this year it has been one long putting off of medical assistance that may have made for a better quality of life for me overall.  But - that said - I continued to serve others, and stay away from unhealthy things for my mind, emotions and so on, because I know it is the right thing do do.  People who do not understand of Spiritual help and guidance from the Lord say it is "lucky" I continue to get by, or "you must be disguising a lot of pain" thus "you fake it real well."   To which I would ask.... fake what?

Most recently I was to have Spine Surgery on August 10 (2017) - after having been misdiagonosed to begin with... and so on.   The surgery was postponed, due to extremely high Blood Pressure the morning of.  After having gone thru rigorous stress test and more, I get the okay to have the surgery - to find I have to wait another 6 weeks, and... have to go thru several more physical examinations leading up to the date.  By the way - NO ONE'S fault, so please do not read anything into that.  But, if you have been living with the pain and discomfort I have been, since Dec. 3 2016 - you would think I am crazy for not screaming louder to get the help I need asap.  But as Paul tells us in Phillipians - "I can do all things, thru Christ who strengthens me" - and this of course means all good things.  And so, I try and I do, and I move forward.  Then, when another obstacle gets in my way - I find away over it as well.  Not to be better than anyone, but to be a better me, and stronger in walking with the Lord, knowing when I hear His voice I can be successful.  Thus - I am very "resolved" these days, to staying the course.  To never turn back to old ways that may have been unhealthy.

I hope, as always, that this blog entry makes sense.  As along the way I have also been a Karate Student, and earned a First Degree Black Belt in May of 2012.  One of the Student Creeds is "I will develop myself, in a postivie manner - and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health."  For me this means, sins and wrong doings of the past are just that:  "things of the past" as Dickens writes in A Christmas Carol.  C.S. Lewis, in the Chronicles of Narnia writes similarly: "we will no longer speak of things in the past"  and "what is done is done."   Thus, both, agreeing with The Bible in that we are New Creations in Christ every day.

What is your "resolve?"  How are you living your life?  This is not a question of judging, or looking at you any different than I ask to be viewed.  We are all here for the encouragement of one another - that is my biggest resolve.

More on this topic, soon!     Be well, and be blessed,         Brother Peter            PS  My new surgery date, as of this writing, is Thursday October 26.

Sep. 7, 2017

Time Keeps Moving Forward

Dear Readers - and new comers!

Once again, this journey of creating the website and writing a blog is more intense than expeceted - and I can never apologize enough for not writing sooner.

Many things have been on my heart to share and teach - but my health has also been an issue and has gotten in the way the past few months.  Please, bare with me as I aim to finally write of some of my struggles - and how Wonderful the Lord has been workign in my life - strengthening my resolve who I am as His child, and as a beloved one in Christ Jesus.

It is becoming more and more of an amazing walk, to be Living In .  This Ministry for one example, is truly a calling the Lord has shown His grace upon me to fulfill - in order to serve Him, Glorify His Name, and bring others to know of God's love for us.

Many teachings, from many teachers - continue to be appearing before me, at just the right moments, to confirm what I believe to be His voice leading me.  It is exciting, and more important a Joy Filled Walk, a Joy that can only come from our Creator!

So, hang in there, and keep supporting this page, this website - and our Ministry, as the time is coming for exciting new times or our Lord and Savior!

Peace and blessings - from me - Brother Peter

Jun. 30, 2017

Long Overdue!!!

If you believe I have had nothing to say, nothing to share, in the past Many months, you would be mistaken.   I sincerely hoped to have time to keep up with this blog - as it was so exciting at first.

Sadly, due to life, time restraints, and some health issues - it has been a challenge to do so.

Fortunately, the Website overall continues to get New Viewers and people interested in our Ministry as we grow.   Praise God!

I will be under going Back Surgery in August, and during the recovery time, I hope to spend time working with some folks to update the site, share God's word, and how He continues to speak to me

his continues to be a Joy Filled adventure the Lord has assigned to me - and I am moving forward, despite all the challenges of the world.

Be well, and be blessed, 

Brother Peter