Jan. 27, 2017

Starting of the 2017


It is tougher and more time consuming than expected - but I continue to make it a goal to keep this site and this blog going on a regular basis.  As God continues to feed me and teach me each and every day, in so many ways - and through so many trials in my life.

Health has been among some of the issues, since December 3, that has slowed me down - but the battle belongs to the Lord - and we shall be victoious in Him.

Your communications and feedback is always welcome - as well as questions you belive others would like to hear about.  So, keep keeping in touch - via this site, or via our email.

Also, be encouraged to share wiht us, in any way, how we can hekp you network with others for music related needs.

Be well and be blessed, 

Brother Peter

Dec. 18, 2016

Where does the time go? Part 2?

October 6 was my last writing, and this one will remain short - as I have so much to share - I need a day or more to review - and go back to my initial thoughts on 2 Corinthians, which I was about to embark on writing about - or if I need to be current, and share more of how God blesses me, and many of those around me - minute by minute.  Hour by hour.  Day by day, etc.


Forgive this for being so very brief - but with my updates on the previous two pages, and with the desire to hear from all of you about this site - I will conclude here.  Praying that this time, it is only a brief interlude.

My Joy in my love of God continues to strengthen - and I pray that yours does as well.

Be blessed!

Brother Peter

Oct. 6, 2016

What is time?

Tonight, as I look back to my last blog posting of August 13 - I started to really feel shameful that I have taken so long to update this page - and the website itself.  Time seems to fly by, as I get older it seems to be faster and faster.  That is when the Lord reminded me that this is so not a 100 yard dash - and that the Marathon of communicating properly to all our readers is very important as well.

I am not a fan of "pat" typcial answers to such things like "in God's timing" and other simlar fall backs, that sometimes may be true and have their place in a conversation.  But like many other things in our lives, because we are not perfect, we have taken these sayings for granted when we have nothing else to offer a Brother or Sister in Crisis - we tend to lean on these.

As you noticed, I included myself in that group by saying "we."  However, I am making a consious effort to back away from the norm as much as possible.  I challenge you the readers to do the same.  Next time you are aiding someone thru a hard time,  to think before you speak - and seek the words God would like to share with that person.  I have found this very helpful in several situations, and also learned that when He speaks thru us to our loved ones - He then blesses our lives with much of the same we need, from those very words.

For example, my next writing will most likely be on 2 Corinthians 4:8 and 9.  My accountability partner had that word for me recently, and after praying thru it - and took it to heart and ready to heed, I then shared it with members of this ministry.  We all need to be hearing from the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  When we open ourselves up to those around us, everyone wins.

Anyway, it is with this I mark that the time that has gone by, since my last post was filled with some challenges in a few of the walks in my life.  The glorious news is that because I continue to give it all to the Lord God Almighty and rely on Christ's blood for my past sins, the good days outweigh the bad.

So, on that note - I hope you get what I am saying, and the next post is in preparation stage, so hopefully VERY soon!

Shalom to all.

Aug. 13, 2016

Is God Really First?

It has been one month and one day, since my last Blog Post - as one attempt after another continues to be swallowed up by time and so many distractions.

During these past four weeks, I have been dealing with a small issue - while others I love dearly have had their own difficulties on varying levels in their lives.

The dominant word of the Lord kept coming back to my asking each, and myself - is God really being placed First and Foremost in your life?  or are you trying to do too many things on your own?

Seek Ye First, the Kingdom of Heaven, from Matthew 6:33 - is another bible verse that sounds like a suggestion, but is really a command.  Loving yes, but a command no less.

Not having Christ directly in front of me at all times, and not seeing things thru His eyes, the heart he gave me for the loving Father - has usually lead to disaster or other negative things to happen to me and around me.

I want to expand on this, and I will.  But for now, physically look at yourself in a mirror, and ask (yourself) "Did I put God first in my life yesterday?  Am I ready to put Him first today, and from this point moving forward?   None of us is perfect, and this is no easy task, considering the world and society we live in.  So we need to establish new habits, and new muscle memory of doing what is right, for ourselves and for the Kingdom.

IF we are not "right" with the Lord, and seeking Him in ALL things - then how can we be of any use to our Brethren in the Lord.  If we cannot encourage each other, how can we witness and bring those to Christ who are still lost?

Remember this Brothers and Sisters, anything I write here is just as much meant for me - even on days and weeks I am doing well and abstaining from sin.  We ALL need to be reminded, of the things that do not come easy to us.  We continue to view our Faith walk in an earthly time clock - when the Lord has seen us from before conception, and will see us long after life on this planet.

With His love, and blessings in great abundance to each of you!
Brother Peter

Jul. 12, 2016


(Continued from the About Us Page....

Although July 4 is a celebration in the USA for the acknowledgement of our country's beginnings - this is also a time to be reminded and clebrate that our freedom truly comes from being in Christ the Lord.  This applies to all believers all over the world.  

God created the whole earth, and His Son died for ALL mankind on this planet.  Through Him (Christ) and him alone do we have legitimate, real, and unconditional freedom to do what is right.

So, take a moment and reflect on your thoughts of personal freedom - then look a little deeper, and open your ears to what the Holy Spirit has to say to you.  Sometimes we take things for granted, including the ability to be obedient because we are free.

If I were to give personal thanks on a day like today, sitting here writing this blog, here is what is on my heart:  Lord, I am thankful that this ministry is moving forward because of Your leading, and Your giving me the freedom to  praise and gloify who You are through music.  Also I am thankful that I can be one who encourages others, knowing you are always with me, loving me, and accepting me as Your beloved child.  And, dear Lord, that I am about to be with Brothers and Sisters in Christ who share the same love of who You are in our lives. (Tuesdays continue to be our rehearsal night, and it is a blessing in itself each week!)

Be well and be blessed this week, 

Brother Peter