Calling all music leaders, and artists

To all New England musicians and worship team leaders, and the like, 

God has put on my heart the need to be a part of an organization which would make networking among Christians a lot more personal and simplisstic.  In the music world specifically. 

I know the internet has become such a huge part of our lives - and then instand messaging and other technology avenues have played their parts in linking people together.

However - I am finding it hard to believe that we are all obtaining the interpersonal fellowship in musicianship which God would desire to see among us.

Are we finding the right guitar player to help us record a song.  Are we taking in the drummer or bass player who is truly called to our worship team, etc.

I cannot start another Ministry group, at this timne, but would be happy to work with anyone who sees the same need in our area.  Many parts of the country have conferences, and many more offerings of leadership conferences than we do here in the Northeast in general.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as find a way to help you as an individual, or church, in finding the God lead people to aid you in your creation of personal, or congregational Christian music.

Brother Peter

New goals, based on God's leading

As of August 4, 2016, this page will also be used to share about those who support us, such as businesses and other Ministries and avenues.

We continue to stick with our Mission Statement and vision of encouraging ALL peoples.

Thus, if we include information here about a business - it is because they are any of the following: A Christian Business, helping us by giving us great deals and saving us money, praying for us, or anything even close to appreciating what we do here at Percussion Praise.

Older Info - still worth reading!

This page is to be dedicated to Christian Musicians, and churches for networking purposes.

Are you a church, looking for certain musical talents for your team?
Are you a musician, looking to hook up with the likes of other talents?

For example: Percussion Praise is in search of Drummers and Percussionists to join our outreach ministry.  Contact us at - or call Peter at 617-699-4770, you can leave a voicemail.

Need Sound Re-enforcement, or a DJ/MC?  You can contact Peter Foti at, or call 617-699-4770.

Peter is a Professional DJ and a Christian, for all kind of events and services, regarding and revolving around music and more.  Peter has been in the Pro DJ business for 15 years now, and many years previous experience in the Wedding Industry as a Photographer.  He has a background in Sound, Stage Lighting, and attended Emerson College for Television Production.