2018 is here

As hoped and prayed for, we now have our Youtube Channel - and our first video can be seen there!

Go to Percussion Praise Love Can Build A Bridge - enjoy your viewing, and please subscribe to our channel, as we build and grow this year. 

God continues to show me visions, and His love is coming thru in each promise he has fullfilled thus far in our journey.

There are also new pictures in our photo section - and videos are on there way.  These will include Original Songs by Brother Peter, and in time much more.

The Ministry remains focused on the encouragement of all, thru worship music as well as encouraging songs from other genres.

Thank you for your prayers and support - continue to share our site, Facebook page, and now Youtube Channel with others.

Blessings and best wishes to all!
Brother Peter

December 2017 brief notes

Check out our photo page, for newly added pics - and soon to come more pics and some videos.  Also, check us out on Facebook!

In 2018, we are planning a Youtube Channel, and featuring music on Sound Cloud - including Original Songs by Brother Peter.

As our team grows we hope to have more administrative help to keep this website updated more frequently.

Thank you for visiting - and know your prayers are greatly appreicated for the ministry, and feeback and comments/questions are always welcomed.

Be well and be blessed,                                                                                                            The entire family of Percussion Praise

5 Months into the year

Welcome to our website, if you are a first timer.  Welcome back and my apologies for taking so long to update - wow = keeping up to date is a challenge, LOL

Anyway, we have had 3 events this year already, and we are evaluating our growth... as well as seeing The Lord work in new ways, as He shapes us as a team, a Family, and helps us grow in unity together. Psalm 133.

Thru networking, and in people spreading the word, this second year of this Ministry looks to be another time of learning - but as we move forward and actually Minister with our music more often.    It is not about how many events we do... but when we do them, that we are touching the hearts of all, and fullfilling the call to encourage others.

I had somethign else on my mind, so plase check this page again soon - as I wil update it, when I remember.  Peace, in Christ, Brother Peter

2017 AD, In the name of our Lord

Dearest readers and friends!
Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Welcome to you, and thank you for visiting our site.

As we begin 2017, we are seeking new team members with a heart filled with praise and music, which they (you) want to give to God the Father, Christ the Son and in worhip of the Holy Spirit.  As this is a Christ centered ministry, we look forward to meeting others with a joyful heart.

2016 was a stepping stone year for us, and we are now prepared to keep stepping forward in loving and encouraging others through music and testimony.

I am hoping to start updating the Blog page more often, so keep your eyes open - and meanhile check out all our pages, and stay caught up with who we are, and what we have done so far.

Blessings and peace to you and yours, 

Brother Peter


Seasons Greetings, and as I like to say "Merry Savior's Birth!"

To all readers of our site, old and new - we wish you MANY blessings, especially for the upcoming year of 2017 of our Lord Christ Jesus.  We are expecting some exciting growth and many opportunities to reach out and lift people up.  

If you are reading this page for the first time, and have not experienced God's love - we at Percussion Praise have a heart's desire to enrourage you in your endeavors.  As we are sincerely all created equal by Him, we do not put ourselves above any human being that has been made in and through His love.  We joyfully serve all peoples, and their needs, and would love to hear from you about Fund Raising Events, and other situations - where we could provide music to fill in a space and desire to have happy sounds in the atmosphere of your day.

At Percussion Praise, we will be hosting Auditions and Interviews starting in early January for all who are lead and called into music ministry.  This will be followed by weekly rehearsals, as we prepare for outreach in the Boston area, as well as Western Mass.  As we now have been networking for several months, and thru many people talking about us, the word has spread of what our goals are to encourage churches throughout New England.

In closing - it is not just a "saying" among the Christian Community or Chrisian Culture - "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season."  It is the truth of the word of God, written to us about our salvation.  Without this particular season of celebration - there would be no cause to rejoice.

WIth our love and thanks to all of you,

Peter, Karyn, Jhymon, Seila, Ting, Jess, Cole, Annika, Rachel, and our prayer warrriors and financial supporters

Thursday Ocotober 6, 2016 - and yes we are stil moving forward!

The Team is seeing some fresh new faces, and awaiting for initial members to return to the family when the time is just right.

We are excited to continue to be on this journey of growth, and sharing with one another - as we prepare to serve many others with Christ's Love.

We are still praying for a few more good strong drummers and percussionists.  So, if you know anyone, and have not yet done so - send them to this site, and pray their hearts be moved like that of King David.

With a new School year, and the season of "major Holidays" to soon be upon us - we wish everyone blessings in all you do!

Today is Thursday August 4, and the Summer is just flying by.

My apologies to our regular visitors and readers, for not updating the Blog as intended on a Bi-weekly basis.  I have much to share, but time is tight.

Anyway, some updates will be added to a couple of pages, and the Blog Page is on my heart to share more as well.  Thank you, for your patiance.  This coming weekend is loooking like I will have a tiny bit of "down time" to be able to write.  Prior to that, updates that are time senzitive will appear on the appropriate pages.

Thank you, and God Bless you today and this week, 


Looking Ahead

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

We continue to appreciate your prayers for our team, and it's healthy growth in ministering the word of the Lord through music.

Please feel free to contact us with feedback about this website, any questions, or information you would like to share with us in general.

As we meet each week, to rehearse music, we also discuss the direction the vision is taking us in and other ideas of presenting ourselves.  So, if you have seen us at our first event, or have been chatting with any of us, or enjoy the fact we are following His Path laid out before us - we would like to know.

You can also check us out on facebook, for clips of our June 18, 2016 event - to get a glimpse of our start in this venture of encouraging others.

For now, take care of yourselves and stay steadfast in The Word, 

Brother Peter                                                                                                          Recjoice in the Lord Always!  Again I say Rejoice!

Tuesday July 12, 2016

Hoping and praying you had a great Independence Day, and celebrated the freedom you have in Christ Jesus!  Even if you are outside the US, please continue reading...

See Blog page, for my message!


Introducing the Team

Tuesday June 14, 2016

Hello to all, and welcome new visitors to our site.

Please see our Events and Calendar, for informaiton regarding our first venue this coming Saturday June 18.

Here is a list of the core team members, who will be participating, as we lead end of the evening worhsip and praise.

Left to Right is: Karyn = Vocals, Ting = Vocals & Percussion & Guitar, Brother Peter (me) = Vocals & Percussion & musical arrangments, Jhymon = Vocals & Percussion, Seila = Vocals, Jess = Vocals, not present at this photo op Cole = Percussion

We look forward to meeting you, at this event, or in the near future at other gatherings.

Be well, and be blessed,                                                                                               Brother Peter 

Keeping you the reader updated!

Dear Visitors, 

The Mission Statement has finally been added to our opening page, as of today - Friday May 27, 2016.

We are a team of seven strong and growing in numbers as well as in filling of the Holy Spirit.  So if interested in auditioning, please contact us.

To all of you, your continued prayers for us are greatly welcomed and appreciated.  As a new ministry we can always use your support in this way.

We are excited for our first event, just a few weeks away - see calendar.

Hoping to add a Blog entry this weekend.

Have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend, 

Peter and the Percussion Praise Family

The Latest Update

Saturday May 7, 2016

Welcome ALL, and thank you for checcking out our site.

Be it the first time, or you have been keeping up with my writings.  I will try to update weeky, but suggest you check at least every 2 weeks for the most recent information, once you are caught up on all other reading.  Thus not taking up too much of your time, which you can be then encouraged to seve and yes ENCOURAGE others.  (Holy Hugs)

Well, as of this date, we have had a fourth rehearsal and added a new member on Percussion.  A B.U. student, who is leaving us for the summer, and returning to us in the Fall.  He is at a young age, but was brought up in the church - and the amazing time I spent getting to know him, was VERY much an inspirration, and reminder to me that this ministry is in God's Will - and has been for a long time.  20 years in the making, if you have not read that in the Blog yet.

Whichever day or week you are reading this - be blessed and take time to bless others.

2 Timothy 1:7 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Saturday April 23, 2016

After our third rehearsal, I am excited to be able to say how well we are forming into a solid family of believers.  From 4 age generations, and from various backgrounds - our love for the Lord our God is shining thru to encourage and build up one another.  This is a core part of the minisry, in order to be strengthened to encourage and share with others.

Our fellowship time and conversation over current events is allowing us to share thoughts on some strong issues in today's world.  Discussions have alllowed each team member to particpate and share their insights, and learn from one another.

Our prayer and approach to prayer is also key, to becoming more of a family - rather than simply friends gathering together.  I was personally filled with joy when we closed this last rehearsal arm in arm (huddle style) in prayer.  It felt right, and more important it felt righteous that we be so close as we agreed in His Name!

In upcoming weeks, we will be welcoming a new member from Boston University, prior to his brief departure for summer vacation.  He will then rejoin us, regularly, come September.

We continue to pray for others who have a heart for this type of ministry - and eventually we will be welcoming "guest" artists.  That is, musicians of all types, to sit in with us and share their gifts and talents.  

Your prayer is greatly appreciated - and spreading the word is also something we are thankful for.  There will always be room at the table, to add more percussionists and vocalists (inquiries always welcomed).

Saturday April 16, 2016

We have now had several administrative meetings, and two rehearsals, and things are coming together.  Thus we are excited, and continue to pray the Lord's complete guidance through dreams and visions he is giving to each of us.

Thank you, for your patience and for continueing to check in on this site.

We are looking forward to be engaged very soon.

Be well and be blessed - as The Lord brings peace into your lives!

Saturday March 5, 2016

Hello everyone.

In order to save money, for this non-profit organization, I am attempting to create the website and blog pages on my own.

Desiring more time to write about Worship, through praise and music - I want to thank you now, for you patience, as I build this site.  Eventually others will join in, and the creative team will help develop new looks and assist me in my lack of computer skills.

So, for now, here is a start of my sharing, as we search for Drummers, Percussionists and vocalists to join us as we move forward:

What is Percussion Praise?

It is a Christian Ministry going forth to give praise, to the the Lord our God and Creator, through music. This is to be established with a base line of percussive instruments, and vocals.  We have a strong focus on Christ Jesus as our Savior, sharing the word of God to encourage believers and witness to non-believers.  The majority of music pieces to be presented are Christian worship songs, both contemporary and older hymns and the like.  Secular music, accordingly appropriate, will be utilized when participating in non church events.  The latter will be songs that continue to acklnowledge God, and His presence on the earth.

More updates may be coming very shortly, as I try to get information onto the internet.

If YOU are a drummer, percussionist, or any musician who like me and my team, have the heart of David, to exalt the Lord on High.... or if you would like more information about this ministry, please write to us at Percussion_praise@verizon.net.

Be well, be blessed, and have a wonderful day!