Update August 13, 2016

I am keeping this page short, as the following entries, prior to this date - the Lord has told me are relevant reading every day.

So, if you have bene to this page of our site, go ahead and skip.  If first time here, please read the entries below!

For viewing Inspiration

Saturday May 28, 2016

If you have read my recent Blog, you can see that God can work in so many ways - to witness His love to the lost, the seekers and everyone in between.  He encrourages and makes His Glory known in the most "unlikely" places.

I was walking through the TV room in my home, last night, to witness a scene from the movie Sister Act 2 - starring Whoopie Goldberg.  And I had to pause and view this particular scene, and was in Joyful tears, touched by the Holy Spirit, that in a comedy such as this - God took His righteous place in the spotlight, as some would say.

Enjoy this scene, and be inspired!!!    

=   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaEH1e_DLm0

Blessings to and for All People(s)


He is risen!

He is risen indeed!!!

We cannot say it enough - as it is so real, and so much the very Truth of our existence, because of His love for us.

At this writing, it is Saturday, the second day of the Holy weekend.  Yesterday Christ was Crucified, and Died, and tomorrow He will rise again - all in fullfilment of the Scriptures.  All he had shared about his time here on earth, came to full fruition, and proved to the world he was who he said he was.

There are so many scriptures we can read, and hear about - but the messages I personally heard this Good Friday alone, 2016 AD - were intense.  First, in regard to Jesus' last breath.   Christ was asking his heavenly Father to forgive those who had done such terrible things to him, physically and more. As well as comforting a man on a nearby cross, who was seeking forgiveness. What are we doing with our breath, and what will we do when we know we are nearing our last breaths?    How do we respond, when others sin against us?  I could go on - but ponder these brief words and questions.

The second message I heard, via Daystar TV, was about "The Differene."

That being the difference it makes when you actually believe Jesus is who he said he was, and when we first thought "yeah maybe he really is the King of Kings."  This message included a focus on Peter.  How Jesus asked him three times "do you love me?"   And how Peter would deny Christ 3 times before the Rooster was to crow.  How Jesus looked directly at Peter after the 3rd denial, and the sound of the Rooster, having just been beaten and spat upon, and a crown of thorns placed on his head.  What is it we do, to deny Jesus in our lives?  If not in words, in actions?  Including the things we do not do?  How would you feel... if after sinning, you looked up and saw Christ looking directly your way?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, none of us is perfect.  What we need to continue to remember is that He has Risen indeed - and IS very much alive in us today.  The Word of God was not meant to be a one time story and tell all.   However - we should be telling all - before our last breath (is the message I received, from these two combined teachings).  This includes telling "all" even if only through our actions.

Forgiveness - given to us, so that we may give it to others.

**Thank you to my Pastors, RIck and Brian - and fellow members of my home church, for the first message to open my eyes.  As well, I thank Gateway Church in Texas, and Pastor Robert Morris for the second lesson of the evening.

Be well, and be blessed!!!


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