Rejoicing In His Name

Here we are, less than 4 weeks away - Sunday April 14, Palm Sunday - 6:30 pm at New Hope Christian Chapel - 6 Meadowhill Court - Easton, Mass 02375.

Come and join us for this Land Mark Event, which is Interactive.  Meaning, come and sing praise/worship songs with us, hear scripture and witness interpretive dance and one skit.  All of these which reflect many ways to rejoice in the name of Jesus. 

New Hope is excited to host Percussion Praise, along with The Messengers Dance Team for this program.   We look forward to meeting with you in fellowship following the program.

More details can be found on our Facebook page, and by writing to our email with specific requests.

Yours, in Christ Jesus,     Brother Peter

Rejoicing In His Name

Dear followers, 

Sorry it has been a while.  Many trials in putting together and running a Ministry such as this, with little financial support.

That said, we are Very Excited to announce a Land Mark Event/Program we have been putting together - in colaboration with a Dance Team called the Messengers.

Rejoicing In His Name has been booked for our first venue, in Easton Mass - at New Hope Christian Chapel - for Sunday April 14.  This is Psalm Sunday evening, and a perfect time to rejoice and celebrate Jesus Triumphant entreance into Jerusalem.  (The time is to be determined still, but the date and location are all set.)

So plan now, to make an afternoon/evening to come see Percussion Praise and the Messengers, for an interactive time of worship, dance, scripture and more.  We look forward to fellowship with everyone after the combined performance and worship time together.

In Christ Jesus, 

Brother Peter      (check our facebook for more updates, and as always - feel free to email us at

Fall/Winter 2018

Dear friends and in Christ, 

Hope all are well.  My apolgies for no updates in 2018, thus far, as it has been a quiet year and one filled with challenges.

Now, as we look forward into 2019 - we are planning some events to move forward in, in ministering the word of the Lord thru music.

I am pleased to share we are working on a program/event in collaboration with a Dance Troupe.  This is a production of new dimensions for both teams coming together, and we are excited to be working with The Messengers Dancers.

We are being considered by several churches, and reaching out to others - we will announce any and all performance dates as soon as they become available.

Please pray for us, as we are getting excited to be providing live music for this Fine Arts exhibit of glorifying God.

In His Name, 

Brother Peter

Saturday December 16, 2017 Food Pantry

We are excited to be Ministering for the third time this sesaon, at the Belmont Food Pantry, which clients are served at the Mount Hope Church at 51 Lexington Street in Belmont.  All are welcome to come hear/see us, and maybe lend a helping hand to the volunteers who distribute food and more twice a month.  We will be there from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

This year we performed on November 18th, and then again on December 2.  The latter date wsa followed by out team participating in the Food Pantry Telethon, on the Local Cable Station for the town of Belmont - which was an exciting time for us, with positive feedback.  Prayerfully we are ministering to more and more people each time we step out.

Thank you for your prayer support and more!
Brother Peter

Open Auditions - and our next event

Upcoming Important Dates and Events - Mark Your Calendar!!!

1. Saturday September 15 - Open Auditions for all musicians and vocalists, for an opportunity to record for an Original Album.  Searching for multiple styles and talents to be a part of a very exciting Christian Album, starting with six Original Songs now in progress of being produced.

* We will also be auditioning and interviewing for any seeking to serve on and with our team, Percussion Praise.  All are welcome this day, for either one or both of these ventures. (email, text, or call for more details, see our contact page - TY)

2. Sunday October 8 - Leading Worship at The First Congregational Church, 18 Andover Road, Billerica, MA - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

3. Saturday December 2 and Sat. Dec. 16 - Performing Christmas Songs, Mount Hope Church, 51 Lexington Street, Belmont, MA - for the Belmont Food Pantry - 9:30 - 10:45.  Join us for Christmas Carols, Hymns and Fun songs - as we provide live music for those in need - at this very special time of year.

Follow up July 6, and moving Forward

July 6th was a fun and successful event for us, to have sung some Patriotic Songs, a few Worship tunes, and ending with a joint rendition of Lean On Me.  As we sang with Brothers and Sisters in Christ, who were visting New Colony Baptist Church, and minsitering to the Vacation Bible School.

We are now gearing up and preparing to Lead Worship during a Sunday Morning Church Service in Billerica, at The First Congregational Church on Andover Road.  Date and Time to be announced.

Other Good News to share - Friday July 14, Brothers Ting and Jhymon joined me in the recording studio, to produce the Demo takes of 6 Original Songs - belonging to, and glorifying The Lord.

More info. to be released, in bits and pieces- very soon.  We are growing excited to introduce some new and original worship songs, written right here in New England.  This is the first of many stepping stones, to get us to encourage many believers in new England to share their music.

Be well, and be blessed, and with His Love,           Brother Peter


Dear Readers, 

On Thursday July 6th, between 6 and 8:30 in the evening, we will be performing Patriotic Songs and leading a few Worship Songs as well, plus miscellaneous tunes to encourage.

This event is being held at the New Colony Baptist Church 30 River Street, Billerica, MA 01821.

The Block Party is offered by the church, to the entire Billerica and surrounding area public.  This is their 25th consecutive year for this outdoor happening.  So plan to come visit the church, and enjoy some comfort outdoor foods they will offer - as well as a Bouncey House for the kids, and some other activities.

Brother Peter will be DJing the event, and offering interactive dance and other activities for young and old alike.  During the evening we at Percussion Praise will step in, and being the week of July Fourth, having put together some Patriotic well known songs, and will also utilize a few songs from our long worship list.

Your coming to support the church and it's Ministry will be a blessing to them - and that is what Percussion Praise is all about.  Encouraging others, and churches to grow in Christ and their love for one another.

Be sure to come and say hello to the team when you stop by for this event!


Brother Peter

update on May 17!!!!

Greetings in Christ Jesus, 

Both April events went very well - and we continue to appreciate your prayers.  Keep checking here for events that are up coming.

As for our regular schedule and calendar - we meet every other Tuesday Night, for vocal rehearsals - and this changes week to week, in alternating with percussion or full group rehearsals.  We also continue to offer open audistions and interviews for all interested.  Currently in search of not only percussionists and vocalists, but other instrumentalists as well.

Sooooooo, if you are feeling God's calling, give us a call, or drop an email.  We tend to get a lot done over the Summer months, in preparation for the events God is currently mapping out for us.

Let us know what you think of our site - or just drop us a message if you are not a musician.

Blessings,                                                                                                           Brother Peter

Veterans Breakfast 4/21/2017

My apologies for not posting our last event, which was held at the Mount Hope Church in Burlington Mass, on Saturday April 15.  A portion of our team, four of us, lead worship for a special Bible Study held in the Cafe.  It was a blessing, once again to serve in such a capacity - and the teaching by Pastor Ed was wonderful!

NOW, for Saturday April 22 - 8 of us will be singing Patriotic Songs for an event to recognize our Veterans in the Belmont and surrounding Towns area.  We will be at the Mount Hope Belmont Campus, just off Waverly Square - from 10 - 11:30 AM.  This is our first performance type of leading and encouraging, thru our music, and we will be showing one facit of who we are vocally.

This event will not have the percussion base line we would normally incorporate, as we feel the type of situation calls for focus on vocals for this set of music.  This brings us to the aspect of the ministry allowing us to witness to others via our actions.  Your prayers and support are always greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye on this page, for more updates as the months go by.

Blessings, and Shalom from Brother Peter and the entire Team!!!

February 26 Follow Up

Worshipping in Springfield with Amazing Love Tabernacle/Dream Center, was amazing.  As we were very welcomed and blessed by this church's congregation.

Brother Peter also got to preach about relationships, and some strong biblical background to what God intended for us to have with Himself and with each other.

A powerful time of prayer and worship through song and praise, lead us into the teaching time and then more prayer, ending with Joy and Spirit filled Praise music - and then lunch and fellowship with all.

Having an opportunity, such as this, to bring live music to Brother's and Sisters in Christ, will always be a blessing to us as an outreach Ministry.  We look forward to returning to lift up the name of Jesus, for future events.

In His Peace!                                                                                                       Percussion Praise

Worship on February 26, 2017

A portion of our team will be leading Worship and Praise, at the Dream Center aka Amazing Love Tabernacle Church in Springfield Mass, Sunday February 26.

Service starts at 11:00

184 Mill Street Springfield, MA

Come early for seating - we look forward to blessing this church with the sounds of Praise!

You are welcome to join us, as we are very excited and looking forward to this time with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Follow Up, Jan. 6 event

The event for Gabby Goulet was well attended, and in addition to her being able to say Thank You to those who have contributed to her Missions Trip - she did raise an additional sum of money.  She is now another huge step closer to reaching her goal for paying for her Missions Trip to Romania in May.

Thank you to all who attended, and those who may still desire and be lead to give to this endeavor.  If you want more information, you can contact me and I will answer any and all quesitons, as well as let you know how to contribute to Gabby's venture.

The music was fun and upbeat, and the worship in the latter half was uplifting and filled with the Joy of The Lord.

We are looking forward to many Percussion Praise events this year, as we continue to encourage all peoples.

In Christ, 

Brother Peter

Friday January 6, 2017 Coffee House

Hey all!

This Friday evening, Brother Peter is producing and assisting a dear friend in a fundraising event for her Missions Trip to Romania in May.

Gabby is a student at Valley Forge, and a fellow Worship Team member with solid talents and abilities to share her music.

The evening will be filled with some fun music, spoken word and poetry, as well as some solid upbeat worship music to close out the night.

A faith offering will be taken, but there is no obligation - and the evening itself is free, and accompanied by coffee, hot cocoa and deserts.

For more information call me at 617-699-4770, or email me right away.

We will be in the fellowship hall of Mount Hope Belmont - 51 Lexington Street - Belmont, MA, directly behind Waverly Square.

Blessings in your Journey with the Lord!

Auditions and Interviews

December 18, 2016

Our first eleven months have been filled with joyful times, challenges, and much needed learning of pulling together a solid ministry, with a very real intention to reach others.

From our first rehearsal, to the growth of the initial team, to the first Coffe House style event - at a Fine Arts event.  The leadership, and I beleive each individual has grown in many ways because of this expereince in our lives.

The dreams and visions continue to enter my heart, and with the encouragement of these wonderful Brothers and Sisters in Christ - we are forging ahead after several spiritual attacks, meant to shut us down.

So - if you are reading this particular page and are a Drummer or Percussionist with a Passion to lift up the name of Jesus, then you are in the right place.  If you are a musician of ANY sort - and are reading this page and have that Passion - you too are in the right place.

We are welcomeing all, and sending out posters/flyers to many church communities to seek those who love the Psalms, love the intentions of King David to lift u the name of our Maker in good times and bad.

We will also be preparing to perform non worship music, in order to serve at any type of fundraising event, and give of ourselves as He gave His Son for us.  These times will be exciting, and fun, as we are able to pray for many needs.

What do you do next?  Use our email address, or call my cell phone - and we will get back to you ASAP - to either arrange a one on one first time, or schedule an audition in an open forumn.  The latter being an audtion with our team during one of our rehearsal times, and others may be there auditioning as well.

There is NO limitation to how big this ministry evolves into, as we will eventually have sub grouped teams - as well as being prepared to serve in large gatherings.  The rolecall, as you will, will also ensure that we have enough people to cover each time of reaching out - and not hinder anyone persons schedule.

One last thing to communicate on this page.  As much as we would love to have you, and your heart of worship - we also feel it is very important to maintain any kind of ministry you have with your home church community.  Then, get blessings and prayer from your Pastor(s) to participate alongside us.  We are a family here, and look forward to expanding and sharing of your love with us.

August and Summer wrap up

On Tuesday August 23, we had yet another wonderful night of rehearsal and open worship in Lincoln Mass, where we were welcomed once agian by the Stubblebine family.  

Our hearts and sincere thanks go to them every time we look back on two very special nights of proclaiming God's many names thru music at their residence.

The Summer Season ended with some slight changes for the team, and as we got thru a few rough moments as the family we have become - we are also seeing and experiencing blessing upon blessing from our Heavenly Father.

So, we are looking at holding some open Auditions in this Fall Season, and into early Winter.  As we reach out to churches, to offer our services as a ministry, we are also inviting experienced worship team folks to see if God has more ministry time allotted in their lives.

So, as ew discuss our future, and new events - we hope you will continue to check in with the websitem, and this page, every now and then - mark a certain day on your calendar each week, or two, or whatever your heart leads you to do.

NOTE: If you have read this far, Praise The Lord - as we are looking into putting together a Flash Mob for the Christmas Season, and will be looking to gather many churches, choirs, choral groups and similar very soon.  ***Items related to the legal aspect are being looked into, as to not be breaking any laws in public venues.  We will also seek permission on any private properties we pla to visit.  This could be a very strong witnessing mission at any one event, to spread the word of Christ's birth!

See Last post below, as well

On Tuesday August 9, we had an outdoor rehearsal and open audtion time in Lincoln Mass.

We will be repeating the same opportunity on Tuesday August 23, same location - see below (the last post) about contacting me and details!  In  search of drummers, vocalists, and now many other instruments.

When we met, we had an agenda, for the team to accomplish songs we have been working on. We accomplished 85% of what I had planned, and the remainder of the time was Spirit lead, and we truly wosrhiped the Lord (which we did with the songs being rehearsed as well).  A true open hearted, freedom in Christ musical worship experience, though we were few - we were powerful.

Accepting a place on the team, we now welcome Annika S. to join us on vocals and as our second guitarist.  She is number 8 in our family at Percussion Praise.

We also got to hear a female vocalist, who is considering if this ministry is one of her callings.  So we pray God confirm one way or the other.

Currently we are looking at two Fall events, which will be announced and posted as soon as I have confirmation.

Finally, we are looking for Many Churches and individuals, who wouldd like to join us, as we prepare for a one time (maybe 2) Flash Mob of True Christmas songs, to be a witness unto the world.  To be a Light that shines brightly in the darkness.  

As always, contact us here, via email, or my cell phone.

Auditions and Interviews

We are having a special evening, at a location in Lincoln Mass, that will allow me to meet and interview - and even audition thos of you who feel led to join our team.

Please call me, for details and initial phone meet.

The time slot will be from 6 - 9, with the first hour being meeting and getting to know one another in a very informal interview, to make sure we are the type of Ministry you are looking for.

So phone me, Peter, at 617-699-4770 and leave a brief message.  I will get back to you ASAP!
(Note: It may be a quick turn around, after you call, as I normally do not answer unrecognized phone numbers.  As soon as I get you message, I will indeed call back.)

Sunday June 19, 2016 Update

Hello readers!

Last night, Saturday June 18. we had our first event - and it went very well.

We faced many challenges, as myself (Peter) ended up in the hospital.  Thus having to miss out on participating.

However, the Holy Spirit had shown up Big Time, and guided this young team through the evening and each piece of music.  When I say young, I mean in the snese of how long we have been together - being a total of 11 rehearsals, and adding one percussionist along the way - who could not join us, as he is out of state, and one vocalist (Jess).  Ting was also added on guitar in the closing weeks.

Anyway, see the Blog Page soon for an updated testimony and teaching of many things we have just gone through, to get to June 18th.  And the tremendous positive response that came with it, Praise The Lord!

Working on our next set of projects, so stay tuned to this event page!

Brother Peter

4 Days away....

Tuesday June 14, 2016

This coming Saturday, we will be leading worship songs, at Grace Baptist Church in Hudson Mass.  We are scheduled for 8:45(ish) - to be the last of those making music in their Sanctuary.

We are highly excited, and looking forward to be prasiing the Lord, with many of you!

See more information, below - in an older post, for details, and an open invitation to come and encourage others in the Fine Arts.


Brother Peter


May 18, 2016

Percussion Praise is excited to announce our first event, and venue, to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Saturday June 18, 2016, we will be performing at a Coffee House Style situation at Grace Baptist Church in Hudson Mass.  The Link, for directions is: 

The venue in it's entirety is from 7 - 9 pm, and will be showcasing the giftings and talents of those members and regular attenders of their church.  So, to support the arts of Brothers and Sisters in Christ, come and make an evening of it as guests.  

We are awaiting our scheduled time for performance, a selection of worship songs, which we will have 15 minutes - thus 3 - 4 songs.  We are blessed to have access through our sister Karyn, who is a member at Grace.  Karyn is one of our vocalists, and part of the administrative crew.

Your support at this event would be greatly appreciated, as well as your prayers and encouragementas we prepare.

Blessings,                                                                                                                 Brother Peter