FAQ and What We Offer

1. What is Percussion Praise, as a Ministry itself?      We are a team of musicians, able to travel and offer our time and talents to bring encouragement to many venues.  We are non profit, and 100% volunteer oriented, giving our hearts and fellowship to bless others.

2. What types of venues are you reffering to?         As a Christian Ministry, we can lead your church in Worship and Praise.  We are also available to provide musical entertainment for your church's fundraising events, or any type of celebration such as Church Anniversaries and Baptisms.

3. What other venues are you set up for?               We also want to reach out to many groups, in many areas of charities, foundations, and the like - to provide entertainment, again thru music - in our case, percussion based.  This could include anything from state wide, to county, or specific area needs throughout Massachussetts and New England.  This could also include any private ran organizations, raising money for a spcific individual in need of medical services and the like.  Memorial funds and much more.  There is nothing too big or too small we would be willing to give of ourselves for.